Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tiny Fingers Curled Round Mine

Tiny fingers curled round mine,
Fuzzy head and eyes that shine
Silken skin that smells so new
Baby, how I treasure you!

Steps that wobble, falling down
Tries again without a frown
Smiling big so sweet and smart
Toddler you have won my heart!

Learning numbers 1 2 3,
Saying letters "A B C",
New ideas, learning's fun:
I love you from sun to sun!

Adolescence here we come
Hormone's challenge -- I'm undone!
Yet I still through tears can say,
"I love you more every day!"

Growing up and sprouting wings
Jobs and weddings - joyful things.
I'm so proud of all you are
Can you feel it?  I love you!

Courtship, marriage, babies start
Flowing in to fill my heart;
Prayers of thanks and eyes that shine
Tiny fingers curled round mine.
                                                         --Patti Lofgren

Photo credit:  Ryan Hosher



  1. Love it! You're doing wonderfully with your poetry endeavors! Keep it up!

  2. Neat Poem! I am glad you are my Mom!!:-)

  3. Great poem mom! Wish I could write like you! :)

  4. Anna, with your intensity of thought and feeling and gift for writing, I imagine if you decide to try poetry, you will quickly pass me up. I'd love to read some of your poetry. Give it a try!